Thursday, October 23, 2008

Misc. Stuff

The Tohoku Coast - This is one of the most awesome bits of scenery around.

Towada Street - Cherry Blossoms in full bloom and rare sighting of cowgirl on a very slow horse.

At the Tohoku Matchi Fireworks Festival, the dancing girls are as beautiful as the fireworks, and as much fun to gawk at!

Tanabata Festival - Great excuse to drink beer.

Snake - It is not recommended to get really close to a poisonous snake with a cell phone for photo ops, especially when you are far, far, from help.
More Coastline - there's a lot of coastline on a big island.

The First Concrete Pole in Japan - 8th wonder of the world?

Hey Carl - No matter how much alcohol we drink, we still suck at karaoke!

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  1. Karaoke!!
    I've never heard your song.
    but I can never imagine that you sing like a singer...sorry.