Friday, February 20, 2009

Heading Home

Going Home
It looks like I've been given the go to get back home. No specifics, but the next post I make should be from Japan. I am very excited about getting home. I can't wait to post some excursion data from a good fishing trip or beach combing expedition. I have missed the entire hunting season and the (Kare) Flat Fish don't come out until May, but I'll find something to keep busy. Something outside, in the woods, or on the water. I was informed by my wife today that she was able to procure a very rare bottle of Aomori Nagai Imo Shochu (Shochu is a liquor that can be made from just about anything, in this case a type of long slimy potato). I can't wait to try this and will be sure to send a bottle south to my good friend Snagex, as he has taught me a lot about many of the finer things, such as the Shochu.
Iraqi Ducks
There is a small lake between the flightline and the perimeter that seems to be year round home to Coot and what I think may be Black Duck. I have read that the Black Duck is the smartest of all ducks and after trying to sneak up on this raft of birds, I believe it. The Black Duck scatter themselves in among the Coot and are the first to start the swim from danger.

Stranded Couch

When I left work a few days ago, there was a minor tiff concerning the rightful owner of a black sofa. When I returned the next morning I noticed said black sofa on the top of one of our Hardened Aircraft shelters.


My next posting should be from the library or the road station close to my house in Japan.

Until I post again, I'm on my way to see my wife, eat the Mackerel Pike, soak in the Hot Spring, drink a Kirin Draft, and get back to all things that help me appreciate such a rich and fulfilling life.

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