Monday, March 9, 2009

Fishing News

Nice Kare!

Big news from Snagex. He was able to catch a really nice Kare (Flat Fish) off the port (pictured right). I'm awaiting details of the catch, but once again he has managed to prove himself as the "King of the Port". He plans on getting an authentic ink print of this one suitable for framing. I'll post the picture when available.

Ayu Fishing

Pictured left is a mess of nice Ayu that were caught just before my Iraq departure. I'll save the details of Ayu fishing for this summer, but this is probably one of the most interesting things that I've ever tried. I'm gearing up now for the start of the summer season.....much much more to follow on this one.

Mebaru / Soi (Rock Fish)
I think that I should be able to break away this week sometime for a little night fishing for Mebaru at the port. Pictured right are a small mess of Mebaru (Red Rock Fish) and Soi (Black Rock Fish) that I caught last Fall prior to leaving for Iraq. Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have some new Mebaru pictures.
March Big Event - Going for Sakuramasu

I received an Invite from Tenchou to go boat fishing for Cherry Salmon toward the end of this month. This will be my first experience at this and I'm very anxious. The Cherry Salmon is known in Japan as Sakuramasu and is the "out-to-sea" version of the Yamame Trout.


  1. Thank you for posting my pic.
    But the title "king of the port" is too excellent for me and is ashamed.
    Anyway, I'll send you a pic of gyotaku maybe next week.
    In upper pic, You cought many ayu,mebaruand soi. Nice fishing! I'm waiting for your sakuramasu pic!

  2. Big brother, sounds like your living the good life! Future fishing plans for little brother include fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Smallmouth in Canada in June, a day of cutthroat fishing on the yellowstone in July, and possibly a Louisiana deep sea trip in August. The best of luck to you on your adventures! Send me an e-mail with the best e-mail address to send pics.