Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Deer Scouting

I had the opportunity to go out scouting for deer sign a few days ago. I tried to traverse the mountains but there was still a good snow on the ground and I did not bring my snowshoes. I did find a nice trout stream and will be back to catch some Yamame as soon as the season opens (1 April).

The small mountain row that I intend to scout is in the background of this picture. In the foreground is a traffic mirror and a makeshift snow pole. The road was a little too slick and steep to drive on, so I walked a few miles and looked for sign off the roadway.

I found several tracks. Unfortunately, I think that these all belong to the Japanese Serrow (Kamoshika) and not the Sika Deer. I'm asking around now about the difference in tracks, but I'll more than likely have to go deep into the hills to find the Sika Deer.


  1. Great blog. As you know, I scout game, hike and take photos of tracks! It is very cool to see you do the same way across the world. Post more like this for me!!! I know nothing about hunting in Japan and now, I can see your area through your eyes. Thank you.

  2. Greetings fellow hunter! It is a pleasant suprise to find another gaijin that has gone through the ordeal known as the Japanese hunting license and gun license process! I have been hunting in Shizuoka prefecture for 6 seasons now and am a hunting addict! Drop me a line if you have time. Here is my blog with lots of hunting pictures.
    Hope top see you in the woods!