Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Beach Combing 2009 - Not Bad

I had a break today and decided to do a little scouting and glassing on the north beaches. It started out looking like the makings of a dismal day. The temp was about 5 degrees and the wind was howling. All of the beaches looked pretty bad, as the sand had put about 2 cm top cover on the flotsam. I finally decided to do a little walking and ended up with 9 floats total. I found everything on the new tide line. There was nothing on the winter storm lines, as these were almost completely covered as mentioned above. I only ended up walking about 12 km. I had a great albeit short walk. I spooked several pintail on one of the inlets and saw some bluebill also. Other than that, no wildlife. All of the floats were fairly typical, nothing too rare. I did have one marking, "D.G." (Diaichi Glass) on a seal button, and some good barnacle shells, crust, a couple of nets, and 1 with the attached octopus jig.

I was also able to scout out a couple of potential trout fishing streams on the way to the straights. I hope to make it back to this area sometime in June with my tent to check the beaches, trout fish, scout for deer and do a little port fishing. I did come across a nice whale bone today, which I also brought back.

Not a bad specimen. I did not take official measurements, but this is about 110 cm in length. I'll add this to my collection. I should have an entire whale soon.


  1. Hey man, great Blog. Me and Chief Turcotte are sitting here in Suwon looking at it.

    Oh, Chief says you're a fag.


  2. Nice blog Lance! Can't wait to get back to Japan and go fishing with you! We will be in California in May 09 for the next few years. Stop in and see us! Bill & Angie Johnson

  3. Nice big glassball!
    and I like a barnacle shells ball that have been flating on the sea for a long long time.
    Also long whale bone! I hope to go to your house to touch it someday.

    Finally,I found a way to paste a link on my blog to your blog.