Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Off-Site Mahi Mahi

As I had already purchased my spring trip tickets prior to the massive catastrophes, I decided to proceed to Hawaii. It was an eventful and highly enjoyable trip. I witnessed the above scene trolling out at sunrise aboard the "Wild Bunch" big game rig out of Waikiki. The skipper and deck hand were helpful, friendly, and worked hard trying to pin down some fish.

Above is one of the two Mahi Mahi that I managed to reel up to the boat during the trip. The other fish was beaten off the hook by the deck hand's gaff by accident. Under other circumstances I may have been irritated by the loss of such a nice fish but after hearing his comment "That was bad" I couldn't help but laugh.

Another highlight of the trip was our snorkeling adventure to Hanauma Bay. It was a fine day and we were able to see many species of fish including my favorite the "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a". Above Kazumi models her snorkeling gear. While snorkeling I ensured that she kept her fins tightly secured as I was afraid her oddly shaped toes may be mistaken for tube worm nubs and be eaten off by a hungry sea turtle.

We stayed on Waikiki at the Hale Koa Hotel which was well equipped and close to the beach. Above Kazumi and Moe-chan relax in the shadow of Diamond Head.

The folks at a Honolulu Airport cab stand have taken to collecting zipper tags that have broken away from luggage. I can only think that one of these may have belonged to the great Don Ho himself.

Spotted this Kamo Shika (Japanese Serrow) on my commute to work in Mid April. I have seen several of these critters while out trout fishing and beach combing, but this is the first one that would stand still long enough for a picture.

When I came to Japan over 20 years ago, The only place that I could afford to fish was at the local port in Misawa. I spent more days and nights than I can remember reeling in flounder and greenling from this port. I have spent some of the truly happy times of my life here. Above is a portion of what it looks like now. It is heart breaking, but the folks around here are tough and resilient and will pull through.

It's important to remember that Japan is still in deep pain over this massive chain of events and still needs help in her recovery. As new news hits the tube, it's easy to be distracted, disassociated, and forget (and understandably so in some cases). Please continue to help when and if possible. While I was galavanting in Hawaii, my good friend Yoshikazu-san and his associates continue to spend their own time and money to transport supplies to the effected areas. I thank them for their continued efforts.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pics, Lance, be they happy or so very sad. Our hearts go out to the people of Japan, who have displayed tremendous character, despite terrible suffering. - Tom Diaz

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