Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hoya Fest 2011

Received a styro-bushel of Hoya (Sea Pineapple) this week through a friend from an acquaintance who lives on the bay. These are apparently too large and expensive for the average consumer and are usually sold to high scale Tokyo restaurants. To keep the prices where the should remain, a few are held over and given away. This is one of my favorite foods. These are fresh off the boat and ready to eat.

The Hoya have a plus and minus nub. The minus nub is cut to drain the juice. After obtaining the juice, cut open, scrape and clean the "meat" from the outer skin.

Chunk the meat, let it soak in the juice for a while and eat. Although Hoya tastes best straight from the varmint, it can also be grilled or breaded and fried with tempura breading. Be sure to counteract the extreme health benefits of the Hoya by eating with a cold beer or nice imo shochu. - Hanto


  1. Wow...Very Cool! Great to have connections, eh? Love the last line :).

    Please tell the chef that we miss her and hope she has a wonderful birtday from the Ebners!

    -- Jennifer

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