Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tsugaru Trout Fishing/Beach Combing

I was able to sneak away for a little trout fishing last week and ended up with a few in the keeper. Caught these on a river that flows into the western side of Mutsu Bay running from the eastern side of the Tsugaru Penninsula. I walked the river for about four hours, but these were all caught on a 30 minute stretch. I didn't even have a hit before or after this stretch. This is a bad picture, but these are all Iwana (Japanese Char).

I also made my way to the Sea of Japan on two separate occasions for some beach combing. A total of four hours of combing resulted in four floats. Nothing special was packed out, but I did have a pretty lucky find shown to the left. This is a Korean float complete with Hangul markings on the seal button.


  1. Really neat find! BTW I do enjoy your perspective on what you are experiencing.

    Best regards,
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    Bill Nelson writes to The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles

  2. Nice hit! good Iwanas.
    and Nice dig! good korean glass float!