Friday, July 23, 2010

Weather CANX

Our Tai trip was cancelled today due to some bad luck with the weather. Looks like there may be some thunderstorms blowing in from the NW complete with lightning and rough seas.

I stopped by the Aomori City JSY Tackle Shop a couple of days ago and acquired the gem shown above. This is a 60gm short Tai shikake with add-ons of a double hook set and a glowing silicone trailer. I plan to re-tie the hooks to face in the upward position prior to going out next week. This should help prevent a bottom hang up and loss. I can't wait to give this doodad a try.

We'll take another shot at the Tai next week. I should be able to get on the water once a week through the end of August, and try to fit in some trout time also.

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