Friday, July 16, 2010

Sea of Japan (日本海) With Captain Nomia

Had a pioneer excursion today on the Sea of Japan with Captian Nomia out of Shariki Port and some folks from work. Fair to great weather and calm seas. Pictured above are the majority of the fish caught. The five of us captured 35~40 fish including; Soi (Black Rockfish), Fat Greenling (Aburame/Ainame), Red Sea Bream (Madai), Flounder (Kare), Shark (Same), and Blowfish (Fugu). We used typical Tai gear with Isome (blood worms) on double hooked 45 to 60 gram Shikake. Nomia-Sencho was helpful and worked hard finding the fish.

About half way through the morning we spotted a school of Blue Fin about 200 meters from the boat. The captain explained that fishing conditions in the North Nihonkai have been extremely weird lately with fish showing up earlier or later in the season than normal and even large schools of tuna in the area that are usually hanging out in the Kaikyo at this time of year. There were even a couple of Oma Captains parked at Shariki Port.

Looking forward to heading out with Capt Nomia again for some more of the same, or even a Tuna excursion given the opportunity.


  1. A nice haul you caught there, and all good eating fish too!

  2. Good and many fishes!
    That's a fish festival on a boat in Nihon-kai!