Monday, May 31, 2010

Hashikami Boat Trip/Misc Pics This Week

I was able to get out on Saturday to Hashikami for some Aburame (Fat Greenling) and Soi (Black Rockfish). This is the first Hashikami trip I've been on in about two years. Had a great albeit slow day. Pictured above is my catch of the day; an Aburame over 40 cm.

Also pulled in some nice Soi and one small Kajika. The boat skipper graciously gave me about 20 Hoya (Sea Pineapple?) which happens to be one of my favorite foods.

Mt. Iwaki at sunset. Took this pic on my commute back to work after a great weekend of fishing.
The Kiji (Green Pheasant) are out in full force now. I see and hear them almost every day.

Nanohana (Rapeseed Flowers) are in bloom around the house. A good sign that summer may finally be here.


  1. Nice soi and ainame! Fantastic eating, both. Nice omiyage of hoya too.
    Down here I see kiji every time I go fishing in Chiba or Ibaragi; presumably they are celebrating surviving the hunting season. The skylarks (hibari) are in full voice as well.

  2. Nice pictures and commentary! R Salinas

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