Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kanita Excursion

Took a field trip to Kanita Village today for some trout fishing and a look around. Had an awesome day on the river catching 22 trout and keeping the seven shown above in the keeper. All were fairly small with the exception of one nice Iwana.

Saw several Toads on the river today including the one shown above. The river in Kanita is not much of a gorge, but beautiful none the less (and full of trout).

The folks at the port were fishing for Sayuri. This is a long silver fish that according to the local tackle shop owner, are very good eating. I may have to head back next week to give this a try.

I was able to come across Odai train station after some looking and help from a local. I found out through the JR Internet site that I can get home from this station in about two hours and 1800 Yen.

The Tsugaru area is the only place that I have seen crop dusting with remote control helicopters. During certain times of the growing season, you can see these buzzing around all over the peninsula.

I started fishing from the above bridge on a small branch off the main river. I took the bridge art shown above as a sign of good luck.

Although I am extremely fond of the Tsugaru Peninsula, I never thought it measured up to Shimokita in regards to the scenery and general excursion "do list". Today's trip has renewed my excitement in looking for things to do outside in Tsugaru. The east coast of the peninsula is awesome, and I can't wait to go back for some more of the same. Mutsu Bay was glassy calm, and I could see Shimokita's Hotokegaura coastline from the port.

I ended my day with a Yakiniku lunch at a local Shariki Coffee Shop and a soak in the Onsen.

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  1. Nice catch! How do you usually eat your iwana?
    Sayori is definitely good eating...try it as sashimi with just grated yuzu and sea-salt. They are quite pleasant grilled, too.