Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Circumnavigation of Tsugaru With Yoshikazu-san

Shown here is one of the 4~5 different types of fish caught today on an excursion around the whole of the Tsugaru Peninsula. The origianl plan was to head straight to Kanita Porta for Sayuri. We ended up being detoured due to a road outage from a wash out. The torential rains we experianced a few days prior have left a lot of local mountain road sections destroyed.

Had the company of Yoshikazu-san (above) today on the excursion. Our intent was to try for Sayuri off the Kanita Port, but due to the muddy waters flowing from the nearby river, the waters around the port were too mucky to fish.

We took a brief stop-off at Tappi Port to try for Sayuri, but our hooks were repeatedly attacked by a swarm of small and determined Blowfish. On the way to Tappi Misaki from the port we had a rare sighting of a group of wild monkeys (2 shown above)

The water was calm with a slight wind coming out of the west. The mud sliding along Tsugaru's East coast was terrible. Several roads were closed, and we even saw a house collapsed from the mud.

I was able to bring home a few small Aji (Spanish Mackerel), and had these for a light snack with a beer. Had a great time on the ole excursion today. I received some good info from the Kanita Tackle Shop owner on local fishing. It turns out that the nearby river is not only full of trout, but also Ayu. As soon as I can talk the wife into letting me fork over the $800 for an Ayu rod, I'll be all over it.

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